HETP provides two (2) major guarding segments, namely Industrial Guarding and Corporate Guarding. The guards are highly trained law enforcement agents and are specifically trained and briefed for a task before commencement. Home security is treated with as much attention as that of corporate tasks, making our service very specialized.

We also offer a hands-on service meaning that we see too that only appropriately trained staffs are appointed to fulfill our client’s specific needs, regarding access control, intelligence and crime prevention. Our guards must have a good knowledge and understanding of the Criminal Procedure Act, to insure that they know what is expected of them. Our guards are proactive and able to work hand in hand with our own investigators and C.C.T.V operators. We have successfully combined our elite guarding services with counter intelligence operations. The counter intelligence aspect prevents the coercion between security guards and your personnel. A guard duty service is offered to persons on holiday and on business trips where their home is left unattended for a period of time. Senior members of the team will monitor the guards for maximum security.

Armed Reaction

In emergency, you can be sure that should the need arise for reaction or assistance HETP will be always be there and key to efficient and effective Armed Response service is our personnel, their training, our customer service and control room. All are of the highest caliber and quality.

Forensic Investigations

With access to confidential information and with the help of modern technology our specialized team thrives on detailed reporting and solving crimes that are not open and shut cases. The art of obtaining information is reflected in the success of solving the investigation.

Personal Protection

The company prides itself on its experience and specialist expertise in V.I.P protection and the personal safety of its clients. This protection covers discrete surveillance and armed bodyguard protection and is offered to high profile individuals, company CEO’s and directors as well as top government officials.


All members of the company are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).

Stock Loss Investigations

Our highly trained staff will penetrate your company and investigate your stock losses and once the source has been discovered, we will attain the necessary evidence to ensure that a conviction in a court of law will be obtained. By using our undercover agents and investigators, these successes can be attained. Staff can be interviewed and statements can be obtained and the Company’s shortcomings can be assessed regarding the installation of C.C.T.V. cameras (digital video recordings), access control and much more.

Undercover Investigations

HETP will infiltrate your business by entering as an employee and operating undercover to expose criminal activities within your business. Our agents are highly trained to infiltrate syndicates and groups in your work place causing companies to lose millions of Rands. They work hand in hand with their handlers who are experienced investigators to build a prima-faci case.

Fraud Investigations

With the aid of the forensic department of the law enforcement and other specialized departments, HETP will investigate and obtain a conviction in a fraud case within your organization. Our investigators and owner have extensive experience in the Medical industry and sent several professional people to prison. Numerous cases worth millions were recovered by us and several cases are still pending. References are available on request.

Personal Research

The company is able to conduct confidential and private research on individuals. This includes criminal records; vehicle and fire arm ownership, financial records, cellular telephone and travel records, as well as surveillance operations. During our surveillance operations the client will receive daily written reports with photos depending on the clients’ needs and the circumstances of each case must carefully be considered.


We offer planned and calculated solutions to your business and/or home security by carrying out a full survey of the property and business and presenting an action plan for you to consider. We only recommend tried and trusted systems, which have proved to be the best in the market.

Supply and Installation

The technical division of our business will supply and install all the necessary equipment eliminating the risk of too many installers on your premises and exposing your security system to a wide market of possible unscrupulous criminals or informers.

Our workmanship is of the highest quality and standard, as only the best trained technicians are used. Our C.C.T.V. products that we install are ISO compliant.

Surveillance Activities

With the use of specialized equipment and expertise within our teams the quality of our surveillance and monitoring is of the best quality. The highest grade technology is used to obtain evidence of the crime or situation.

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